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Not sure what to do with your MR2 Fuel System? Read below! If you still have questions, contact us!

1) Do I need an aftermarket Fuel Rail for my Gen II 3S-GTE (91-95)?

If you want to run a larger injector than stock, you need a larger fuel pump, and thus you need a re-designed fuel rail! Go to the "articles" section of our web site to learn more. Read the first two articles.  
2) Which type of rail should I buy for my Gen II, Side Feed or Top Feed?

This largely depends on your goals as both rails are safe with larger pumps and both work with the factory supply line, return line, and fuel pressure regulator. If you plan on starting out with a piggy back style set of electronics (Emanage or S-AFC) or have initial power goals less than about 320 whp, then a set of used 550 cc/min injectors from a Supra Twin Turbo Gen IV (93-97) or Gen III MR2 Turbo (96-99) and our Side Feed Fuel Rail are for you. Or if you don't like the idea of cutting your stock wiring harness, the Side Feed Rail is the way to go. This style of rail allows you to keep you stock harness clips, your stock cold start injector, and will even work with your factory 440 cc/min injectors if you have a larger than stock fuel pump (or for smog checks)! If you buy the Side Feed rail, you can always move up to 800 cc/min side feed injectors from SARD later as your horsepower goals push past about 320 whp. The 800's will get you to at least 450 whp.

However, if you want to run an aftermarket ECU, and want to push the envelope, beyond what a the side feed rail is capable of, then you need our Top Feed Fuel Rail. Our Top Feed kits are compatible with injectors up to 160 lbs/hr or ~ 1700 cc/min, but require purchasing new injector clips and will not work with your cold start injector. These kits will work with your stock FPR, supply line, and return line, but also include AN-10 fittings incase you need to go to larger injectors! The stock supply and return are good for one aftermarket fuel pump with capacities like the Supra Gen IV pump or the Walbro 255 hp. A good rule of thumb is that the stock supply / return will fine with up to 880 cc/min or 85 lb/hr injectors, larger demands call for drastic measures! See our "MR2 Large HP Fuel System" if you plans reach out beyond what one Supra or Walbro pump can handle. We can supply a wide variety of injector flow rates, brands, and impedance levels in a top feed design to suit your needs. Another advantage of the Top Feed system is that new injectors are cheaper than new side feed injectors (used side feed are very in-expensive however)
3) I have a Gen III (96-99) rail, what should I do?

The stock Gen III rail is a much better piece from the factory. You really go two ways, and both are valid up to the 800 cc/min limit. The SARD 800's sold by WolfKatz here are directly compatible with your stock rail and will work well. However, the WolfKatz Gen III TFFR with new top feed injectors will cost you about the same amount of money. It will also give you the option of later going to lager than 880 cc/min injectors. The choice is yours! Incidentally, the Gen III 3S-GTE does not have the cold start injector.
4) When should I replace my stock FPR?

If your stock fuel pump resistor pack is still in place, boost levels stay below 20psi, and you do not have a pump larger than the Supra Gen IV or Walbro 255, the stock FPR is fine. We sell the Aeromotive brand of regulators, but there are others out there as well that work just fine. We also sell "fitting kits" with each rail type to help you install these regulators in your car!
5) When should I abandon the stock Supply and Return Lines?

At around 450 whp, 880 cc/min or 85 lb/hr injectors start to run out of steam. As you go to a larger injector, you will not be able to supply them with just one Walbro 255 or one Supra Gen IV pump. Thus, this is when more drastic customization is really required. WolfKatz has plenty of ideas about how to go larger, just drop us a line!



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