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MR2 Front Big Brake Kit
MR2 Front Big Brake Kit

- The Ultimate MR2 OEM Style Big Brake Solution for your high performance needs!
- This kit is raced tested by 3 Time Redline Time Attack Class Champion Jeremy Croiset!!!
- Stage II.5 Kit saves 8lbs per corner!!
- Uses OEM Front MkIV Supra TT Rotors or our WolfKatz Stage II.5 Aluminum Hats and Wilwood Directions racing rotors (be careful, they are directional so there is a right and left if you are buying your own)
- Can be built in stages
- Keeps stock brake bias
- Stage I relocates stock 93T Front Calipers
- Stage II adds Wilwood Forged Billet Superlite Calipers (Dyanlite smaller calipers available on request for folks with smaller wheels)
- Stage II and II.5 kits offer reduced unsprung weight, increased pad area and thickness for longer life, and better rotor cooling (Stage II.5). - Works with Russel and Goodrich aftermarket brake lines made for MKIIT (stock calipers only, Wilwoods require new front lines)
- Requires 17" wheels front and back, some 16" fronts will clear with the Stage II (Wilwood) front calipers but it's close. Download front wheel fitment template here: Wilwood Caliper Template

- Works with your stock Master Cyclinder. Larger bore for increase feel and decreased pedal travel available from WolfKatz
- Front Brackets are compatible with stock caliper, and the 2 Wilwood Calipers so you can change calipers later if you desire
- Stage II Front Kit uses 2 Wilwood Calipers available from us, or separately on your own. Forged billet Superlite Calipers or Narrow Mount Dynapro Calipers.
- Front Brackets are compatible with stock caliper, and the 2 Wilwood Calipers so you can change calipers later if you desire
- Production Hats and Brackets will be ANODIZED BLACK. Prototypes pictured here are are not coated as I have been modding them as I go to get them perfected.
- Increased braking power and reduced fade go along with a modern look.
- Front rotors are 324 mm diameter, 30 mm thick. Rear rotors are 324 mm diameter, 22 mm thick.
- Track tested in the most extreme conditions.
- Multiple pad options.
- Please see the detail page for more information.

Description of Stages:
- Stage I - Relocation of front 93T+ MR2 Turbo calipers w/ Supra TT OEM style front rotors (available slotted for an extra fee)
- Stage II - Adds Wilwood front Calipers options (Forged Billet Superlites are the default or the smaller Narrow Mount Dynapros availalbe on request)
- Stage II.5 - Full Racing Lightweight Rotors Available below. Any kit can be upgraded to Stage II.5 rotors at any time.

How to Order!
- Determine what parts, if any, you have that you want to use (93T+ fronts or rears)
- Select kit that fullfills your desires (front only, front and rear ...)
- Add that kit to your cart
- Select appropriate pads below and add them to your cart
- Feel free to contact WolfKatz for a custom quote


- 17" Front Wheels are required for relocated 93T+ Front calipers. Most every 17" rim will work with these calipers. When using the Wilwood Calipers, 17" is recommended, 16" required. Download the template shown in bold and be sure you have clearance. If not, don't panic, you may simply need a 5 mm spacer. We have three sets of 17" wheels (SSR's, A-Techs, and Enkei Racing), only the rather inexpensive A-Tech 17x7's need the 5 mm spacer.

- 17" Rear Wheels required. If your stock caliper clears, you should not have any problems with fitment. - 93+ Stock MR2 Turbo Rear Caliper required. If you don't have them, they are available from us with the kits for an additional cost.

Additional Specs / FAQ

- Wilwood Superlight Front calipers have about 20% more pad area then the 93T+ stock fronts. Wilwood Dynapro Front Calipers have slightly smaller pads then the 93T+ fronts.
- Hydraulic Balance and Mechanical Balance (applied moment arm) are both maintained from stock when running the entire kit. The front only kits will not maintain the mechanical balance and need to be used with care.
- Stock ABS systems work properly
- Retains the Factory E-Brake (rear kit)
- Compatible with the stock non-turbo (7/8" bore) and 93+ turbo (15/16") master cylinder. Larger 1" bore master cylinders available from WolfKatz for increased pedal feel (increased effort) and decreased travel. Click here XXX.
- Kit includes CNC machined high tolerance brackets that accurately place the calipers where they belong (coated for corrosion protection), all hardware, and installation instructions.
- Weight information for those wanting to know the difference in weight between different versions of the kit.

Some Weights to Wrap your Brain Around:
* Stock 93T Front Caliper w/ new pads = 13.5 lbs
* Wilwood Billet Superlite w/ new pads = 7 lbs
* Wilwood Narrow Dynapro Caliper w/ new pads = TBD
* Stock 93T Front Rotor (new) = 16.75 lbs
* Supra TT OEM Rotor (new) = 20.4 lbs
* WolKatz Front Hat with Wilwood Front Rotor and Hardware = 15.2 lbs (lighter then stock!!!)
* Front Bracket = .6 lbs

* Stock 93T Rear Rotor = 13.1 lbs
* Rx8 Rotor = 18.5 lbs
* WolfKatz Rear Hat, Custom Rotor, and Hardware = 14.5 lbs
* Rear Bracket + rings= .6 lbs

Front BBK: Stage I Front Bracket Kit (Works with Front 93T+ Calipers and Wilwoods, rotors not included)
Stage I Front Brackets w/ Supra TT OEM Front Rotors (Needs 93T+ Caliper) (+$200.00)
Stage I Front Brackets w/ Supra TT OEM Front Rotors w/ Slots (+$270.00)
Stage II, Front Brackets with Wilwood Superlites and SS Lines (+$385.00)
Stage II, Front Brackets with Wilwood Superlites, Supra TT OEM Front Rotors, and SS Lines (+$585.00)
Stage II, Front Brackets with Wilwood Superlitesm, Powerslot Slotted/Drilled Supra TT Front Rotors, and SS Lines (+$655.00)
Stage II.5, Front Brackets, Front AL Hats, Wilwood Slotted Rotors (requires 93T+ Front Caliper) (+$880.00)
Stage II.5, Front Brackets, Wilwood Superlites, SS Lines, AL Hats, Wilwood Slotted Rotors (+$1265.00)
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