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MR2 Side Feed Fuel Rail
MR2 Side Feed Fuel Rail
Why do you need the WolfKatz Engineering Fuel Rail for your 3S-GTE powered MR2 Turbo (USDM 1991-1995)? Simply because the factory rail?s hole is too SMALL! See for yourself in the pictures to the left.

The factory rail has a tiny 3 mm hole causing a pressure drop at the last injector in line. Just look at the difference! The WolfKatz Fuel Rail uses an 11/32? hole (roughly 8.7mm) that eliminates the pressure drops found when larger side feed injectors are used like the side feed 550?s found on the Gen IV Supra Turbo. For proof of a 17% reduction in flow to the last injector, click here to read about a real flow test using 550 injectors in the factory rail. Below are two pics showing the pressure difference found in this test. It is about 3 psi total drop from inlet to outlet.

In the past, many people performed drastic modifications to the factory rail (the so called ?dual feed? setup) to overcome this problem while losing the ability to run the factory cold start injector. When I was faced with performing this modification to my personal car, I became extremely uncomfortable with the task. This process involves drilling out the factory rail which potentially weakens this die cast aluminum part. Instead of spending the nearly $300 dollars required for fittings, tubing and special tools to perform this tedious modification, I designed the WolfKatz Fuel Rail! Now you can simply order the WolfKatz Fuel Rail and have a much simpler system that uses the stock supply and return lines as well as the stock fuel pressure regulator (every kit also includes an AN-6 male fitting pictured above in case you want to run an aftermarket FPR. See our other products for aftermarket FPR information). The factory FPR has been proven to operate up to 400 whp without problems.

The WolfKatz Rail is compatible with the factory 440 cc/min injectors, Supra Gen IV 550's , MR2 T Gen III 540?s, SARD 800's, and the Blitz 850?s.

How is the WolfKatz Fuel Rail made? Each rail is NC Machined from a billet piece of 6061 T6 Aluminum. This process allows the rails to be built to the demanding tolerances required to create a perfect seal around each side feed injector. An early version of the rail has been running successfully in the WolfKatz Factory car for over 3 years with absolutely no problems! Each part is machined, de-burred and then finished by TIG welding the required plug in the end of the rail. Pictured is a rail shown partially machined in the NC Machine that performs this operation!

Included with the rail is a six page instruction set to be sure your installation goes smoothly. These instructions are also available for viewing here. All hardware and fittings needed for a the rail installation are included.

Not sure what rail is right for you? Read the MR2 Fuel Rail FAQ HERE!

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